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Candle Fudraising Catalog
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candle fundraisers
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Welcome to Just For Candles. We have served the candle fundraising industry since 1999. We are an established candle manufacturer for the fundraising industry When you choose to work with a candle manufacturer this allows your group numerous benefits. Dealing directly with the manufacturer will allow your group to make the highest profit level and eliminate back ordering. We have full control over product development.  We produce excellent products at a reasonable cost. Helping you plan and organize your candle fundraiser is our highest customer service goal. Our proven candle fundraising program will be easy to do, while maximizing your fundraising profits. Candle fundraisers are one of the most profitable fundraisers in the industry today.

We have developed a unique marketing program. Every selling kit your participants receive will include scented sample chips of each candle fragrance. This allows their customers to smell before they buy. Resulting in happy customers year after year. Your selling kit will also include our beautiful candle fundraising brochure.  Our brochure is custom designed to meet the needs of any organization. All organizations will receive free candle fundraiser kits. These kits will be mailed directly to you.
Just For Me Candles will provide you with excellent customer service Since candle fundraising is our main business focus,it is very important that you are satisfied with our candle fundraising program. Our sales team is kind and polite. It is their job to guide you properly in your fundraising efforts. This will make your fundraising easy to do and profitable. We believe choosing our candle fundraiser program is the best choice for your organization.Visit our testimonials page to hear what other parents have had to say. Please call us with any questions you may have. We are here to serve you. Thank you for visiting.

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You Will Double Your Sales With Our Free Scented Sample Chips
Every child/adult will receive a selling kits with sample chips
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The soy candles we provide for our candle fundraisers, are produced with the best ingredients that are available to us. Each candle is hand-poured with  clean burning soy wax. Soy wax is better for our environment.  Our candles are triple-scented. Your home or office will be filled with enchanting fragrances. Each of our fragrances are carefully selected to ensure our customers receive authentic aromas. Our candles are scented throughout the entire candle.  As fragrance is released, the candle will burn evenly, allowing you to enjoy the entire product.

We never use lead core wicks in the manufacturing of our candles. Our wicks are accident prevention wicks. The base of the wick sits up higher, extinguishing the candle before it burns to the bottom. This feature will prevent accidents from occurring. Each candle is inspected before leaving our facilities.

Our candle fundraisers features candles for the entire home. Your customers will be able to choose candles that fit into any room decor. By providing versatility in our candles, your customers have a choice. Many times this results in multiple sales from one customer. Candle Fundraisers are a great way for your customers to accent their homes, while helping a non-profit organization.
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Natural Soy Candles
"I just wanted to say thank you!  The candles arrived, packaging was awesome.  Thank you so much for sorting them for me.  You went above and beyond my expectations!  I will definately spread the word to other organizations about your fundraising program and would like to hold another one next year as well."

                                                                                                   Carey ByBee
                                 Elementary School

candle fundraising
liWanted to thank you and your staff for a terrific candle fundraiser. This was my first fundraiser with you guys. The candles all came in as ordered and was very organized and easy to hand out. I have been "dealing" with companies for 7 years and it was nice to have one that was actually organized,prompt,accurate, and easy to talk to. I appreciate your work and look forward to working with you in the future!

                                 Ben Walker
                                 High School Band
Thank you for your interest in our fundraising program.  I feel confident that choosing our company is your best choice.  My personal commitment to your organization is that you will receive excellent customer service,high profits and superior products.  The satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance to myself and my staff.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

                                                                          Janet Strachan
                                                                  Just For Me Candles/CEO
Dealing with your company has been a great experience. Your fundraising program was easy to do. Our school has never made such a great profit.  We will definetly use your program every year!

                                   Allison Rowe
                                   Elementary School
"These candles smell great!" This candle fundraiser brings in the largest profit of all of our fundraisers. We have dealt with Just For Me since 2003. We have always had excellent customer servce.

                             Cynthia Sheffield
                             Starpower Dance
"Dealing with your company  was a pleasant experience. Every year a new sixth grade class looks for candle fundraisers, we will highly suggest they use your company."

                              Tracey Dillard
                              Bellvue Elementary
"Working with your company has been a great experience since 2001 . The parents loved the products. Everybody has been really nice to us over the years. Thank you fo rmaking the extra effort to ensure every order was correct. We have recommended your candle fundraising company to other schools. We look forward to working with you next year.

                                              Tracey Watkins
                              Private   Elementary School
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$10.00 fundraising candles$10.00 fundraising candles$10.00 fundraising candles
$10.00 fundraising candles
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